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Slap Ya Mama Wing Sauce

Wings That Pack a Slap

Creamy with a kick of our classic heat, Slap Ya Mama Wing Sauce is our twist on traditional buffalo-style flavor.

Slap Ya Mama Gift Sets

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Wear it with pride! Slap Ya Mama has a great selection of merchandise for the flavor lovers in your life!

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Get the authentic Slap Ya Mama flavor you love without leaving your house. Skip the grocery store and shop Slap Ya Mama seasonings, sauces and more online today.

Featured Slap Ya Mama Recipes

Buffalo Chicken Pockets


Looking for a great game-time snack? Buffalo Chicken & Cheese Pockets are the way to go! These air-fried pockets are the perfect finger foods, to snack on!

Meatball Stew


Give the walker brothers’ favorite dish a try! Forget the pasta combine these beef and pork meatballs with warm broth and water, and serve over rice. This stew will have you going back for seconds… or maybe thirds.

Mama’s Christmas Chili


On a cold day, there is nothing better than a bowl of hearty beef & bean chili spiced up with Slap Ya Mama.  Using our grandmother’s recipe, with a few changes, this spicy and hearty chili will hit the spot on any chili winter day.

Slaps Famous Whole Baked Chicken


Whether it’s Saturday Night or any other part of any other day, Mama’s Chicken is always a good call. Entire chicken covered in Slap Ya Mama…you gotta love that.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Great for all varieties of food! Really like the heat that the hot sauce has along with the perfect flavor! The green pepper sauce is great on eggs and potatoes dishes.

Cajun is great on rice, beans, and meat.
I use all three flavors daily!”

Nicholas Middleton

“The BEST seasoning and hot sauce in the world!!
I put the seasoning in soups, on salads, in casseroles….you name it! And the hot sauce is amazing! I always put it on pizza and Mexican food. Plus, it’s perfect to add to your soup! I have turned many friends and family onto it, and they are addicted too!”

Elizabeth Mason