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A Masterpiece of Flavor

Today, the Slap Ya Mama brand has evolved with a new look and expanded line of products, ranging from original spices to fry batter, classic meal mixes and more. As a leading producer of authentic Cajun seasonings, we continue to branch out into new, exciting avenues of southern cooking in kitchens throughout the world. Choose Slap Ya Mama for your next meal, and experience the magic of real home cooking.

So Why’s It Called “Slap Ya Mama”?

You’d think this story starts with a mama getting slapped — and we can understand why. To this day, though, creator Anthony “TW” Walker has not once slapped his mama. He never even thought about it!

Here’s the real story.

In 1996, the Walkers owned a local convenience store, which included a 24-hour deli, and it was there that TW searched for a seasoning that had an authentic Cajun flavor without the heavy salt content of the national brands. When he couldn’t find one, TW did what folks in Louisiana, particularly Ville Platte, do best—he gathered up the family and they went to work making their own unique seasoning blend. Sitting at his Grandmother’s kitchen table and with inspiration from his mother, Wilda Marie, TW and family mixed version after version of a seasoning blend until it all came together and the taste was just right.

TW’s sons, Jack and Joe, were very young in those days. The boys loved rolling around and causing general bouts of mayhem, so TW and Mama Jen put their boys to work rolling an antique glass pickle jar around the living room floor to mix their new Cajun seasoning. It was the perfect combination of work and play if ever there was one.

Everybody loved the Walkers’ Cajun seasoning so much that it eventually needed a name.  Drawing inspiration from TW’s well-known dish, “World Famous Slap Ya Mama Atomic Potatoes,” his wife, Mama Jen, insisted that the seasoning be called Slap Ya Mama.  With the approval of TW’s mother, Wilda Marie, the Slap Ya Mama brand was born.

Slap Ya Mama front sign

Our Ville Platte Roots

“Slap Ya Mama” was crafted and shaped by the flavors and culture of Ville Platte, Louisiana and its surrounding area. Ville Platte is the parish seat of Evangeline Parish, which is rich in Cajun food, music and language. Cajun heritage and life is celebrated through its festivals, food and music. The yearly Louisiana Cotton Festival showcases the local agriculture and also includes the running of the Tournoi, an ancient horseback jousting game dating back to the French Knights.

Cajun life is exemplified in the area, whether it be the local hunting and fishing or camping at Chicot State Park and the Crooked Creek Recreation Area. A short trip to the Town of Mamou brings you to The Cajun Music Capital of the World, the colorful Courir de Mardi Gras street party and Saturday mornings at Fred’s Lounge. Also, Ville Platte’s proclamation as the Smoked Meat Capital of the World shows their people’s dedication to their heritage and love of good, simple, delicious Cajun Food.

The Walker family, (TW, Mama Jen, Jack, Joe, Tana, Shima, Andi and Ruby) live rich in Cajun Culture, with ancestors from the Fontenot, Vidrine, Ardoin and Landreneau families. They remain true to their roots and hope that Slap Ya Mama products provide everyone with a taste of the culture, music, food and the life they love.

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Salt, Red Pepper, Garlic, Black Pepper, Paprika, Soluble Crab Spice (Polysorbate 80, Natural Flavor, Water, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate), Oleoresin Paprika.