Honey Butter Air Fried Corn

Jun 30, 2023 | Recipes, Sides | 1 comment


Get ready for a burst of flavor with these Grilled Honey Chili Corn ears! 🌽✨🌶️ This recipe takes fresh corn to a whole new level, perfectly seasoned with a smoky blend of spices and glazed with a sweet and spicy honey sauce. 🍯🔥 Whether you use an air fryer or fire up the grill, these corn ears will be the star of your next barbecue or outdoor gathering. 😍🌞 Here's how to make them:


  • 4 ears of corn
  • Olive Oil for Brushing corn
  • Slap Ya Mama Original Blend Cajun Seasoning (to taste)
  • 3 tbsp Honey
  • 2 tbsps butter
  • Red Pepper Flakes (to taste )
  • Slap Ya Mama Hot Sauce (to taste )


  • Preheat your air fryer or grill to the recommended temperature. We airfryed at 400℉ for about 15 minutes. Brush the corn with oil to enhance that perfect char. Sprinkle the Slap onto the corn, ensuring all sides are well coated.
  • Cook the corn in the air fryer or on the grill until nicely charred, flipping halfway through. In a bowl, mix honey with chili flakes and Slap Hot Sauce for a sweet and spicy glaze.  Brush the hot honey glaze generously over the cooked corn. Serve and savor the incredible flavors of this Grilled Honey Chili Corn creation!
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  1. Robert Taylor Jr

    Look good to me


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Salt, Red Pepper, Garlic, Black Pepper, Paprika, Soluble Crab Spice (Polysorbate 80, Natural Flavor, Water, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate), Oleoresin Paprika.