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Mar 10, 2016 | Featured Chefs, Recipes | 5 comments

Slap Ya Mama Chef Ace Champion Intro

We are excited to have award-winning Chef Ace Champion as our very first Slap Ya Mama Featured Chef and we are looking forward to all of the wonderful recipes Chef Champion will create using our Slap Ya Mama products.  Such as the Creole Green Beans recipe at the end of this post.

Chef Champion is originally from the great state of Louisiana and he knows a thing or two about Cajun and Creole cooking.  He has over 18 years of culinary experience ranging from Certified Meat Cutter, Executive Chef, Event Coordinator, Personal Chef, as well as Cooking Class Instructor.

His passion for food is unparalleled and he intends to share his passion with the world.  “I hold nothing back.  I share all my secrets and recipes from travels across the U.S., during my southern stints in Cajun country, and from rubbing elbows with the best chefs in the industry. My entrees are the result of learning tricks of the trade and techniques at every stop where food is the draw. When you become a better cook, you become a better person.”

Now residing in Green Bay, WI, Chef Champion stays busy with his cooking show, “The Chef Champion Cooking Show” on CBS-WFRV-TV.  He also makes regular appearances on “Living With Amy” and “Good Day Wisconsin” with Emily Dean.  And if you happen to find yourself in Green Bay, WI and want to score some cooking tips from Chef Champion, you can take his cooking class at Cooks Corner.

For more information on Chef Ace Champion, please visit his website:


  1. Sandra

    where is seasoning recipe??

    • Jack Walker

      This dish calls for our Slap Ya Mama Original Blend Seasoning. Please follow link.

      • Jerry

        Sandra, Click on the photo itself for the complete recipe.

  2. colleen montroy

    what kind of vanilla paste do you use. how do I get the recipe for marsala chicken

  3. colleen montroy

    I love your show and the easy way you cook. well, at least it looks easy. colleen


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