Jill Sonlin a member of our Slap Krewe made this delicious "Lip Smakin'" pork chop! Jill is a professionally trained chef, that always cooks up great recipes! Find more of Jill's recipes here!



  • First season the pork chop with Slap Ya Mama original blend dry seasoning on both sides
  • Fire up the outdoor grill to medium-high heat, or use a grill pan inside and coat lightly with organic canola oil and then heat a grill pan to med-high heat
  • Grill Chop to medium doneness (slightly pink insides, with an internal temp of 145-150° F when removed from grill). Cook longer if preferred, to your desired level of doneness. Remove chop from heat and let rest 5 minutes
  • Drizzle Slap Ya Mama Buffalo Wing Sauce all over the Pork Chop, as much as you like! Pile on top the chop the celery sticks and then a nice sprinkling of blue cheese crumbles. Enjoy immediately!! Soooo good!!
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