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Dec 28, 2018 | Stories & More | 1 comment

By now, you’ve probably already made your New Year’s Resolutions. This past year alone, high blood pressure was one of the most common problems with health. Many doctors agree that this is a result of extremely high sodium diets. This is because sodium has a way of sneaking into foods that we all enjoy. Here in Louisiana, we love flavor. Luckily, Slap Ya Mama offers the same lip-smacking flavor in low sodium options. Here at Slap Ya Mama, we want you to be the healthiest you have ever been in 2019. Here are some ways to make sure that sodium isn’t sneaking into your food.

Add Color

Make sure your diet has a ton of colorful fruits and vegetables. While many people think that omelets are a healthy option for breakfast, but watch your meats! Replacing the meat in your omelets can be substituted for vegetables.

Ditch the Desserts

Although many people think that the main ingredient to watch out for in desserts is sugar but sodium can sneak in too. Foods like quick breads such as banana bread can have tons of sodium.

Veggies vs. Sauces

A sandwich can be dressed with colorful, crunchy lettuce, and sweet tomato instead of mustard, cheese and salty pickles.

Hold The Salt

When dining out, ask for your meal to be prepared with less salt. While at home, don’t add salt at all or try a low sodium seasoning instead.

Go Fresh

Foods that look the same may contain different amounts of sodium. Frozen vegetables might come pre-salted or with sauce. Because of this, try buying your produce fresh!

Because of our low sodium seasonings, you can enjoy all of your cold-weather favorites with the same flavor and less guilt. Our low-sodium seasoning goes well in jambalaya, gumbo and much more.


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1 Comment

  1. Harry Pitt

    I have to apologize to SYM. I have been a faithful use for about 6 years now. I even bought it by the case. My brother in law, who lives in Mississippi introduced me to another brand of Cajun seasoning, “Tony Chachere’s” cajun seasoning. Here is where the apology comes in. I did by it, even though we have 4, 16oz containers of SYM in our cupboard. We opened it last week. Not even close to SYM. I have introduced many of my friends to SYM and never had a complaint from them.
    I have no idea how this happens, but when I put SYM on my eggs, they seem sweeter. I even sent SYM to the Philippines and they are asking for more.
    Whatever you do, don’t change your formula.
    Thank you, Harry Pitt,


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