Summer is here and you know what that means: time to have some friends over for an awesome cookout! You already know that Slap Ya Mama seasonings and sauces help make spice up anything you throw on the grill, so here are some other tips to help make your party the hottest in your neighborhood!

 1. Clean your grill grate with an onion! You can use a halved onion to scrub the gunk out of your grill, and it will leave you with a great scent while you cook the food, as opposed to the smell of cleaning chemicals. Also, it’s cheaper and greener!

2. Do not cook cold meat! Bring the meat to room temperature before throwing it on the grill. Doing this will help ensure a more even and quick cook. A good rule of thumb is to take the meat out of the fridge and let it sit on the counter for 30 minutes.

3. Everyone prefers having their meat cooked a certain way (rare, medium, well done, etc.), and it can be hard to get someone else to do it right, so let your guests help by doing it themselves. It turns a chore into an activity and gets people talking. Plus, it can be a great icebreaker to get to know the new person on the block!

4. Keep the grill covered! We know you want to make sure the meat is perfect by checking on it, but frequent checks will release heat and extend cooking time, leaving you with undercooked or overdone food. Just remember to adjust heat settings to the type of grill and cut of meat.

5. Do not cut the meat to check if it is fully cooked. Cutting the meat will allow the juice to escape, leaving you with a less flavorful piece of meat. Invest in a meat thermometer!

6. Let the meat rest after cooking! While resting, the juices and flavor will be re-absorbing into the fiber of the meat. If you don’t let the meat rest, more flavor will be lost when cutting the meat.

7. Need more greens in your diet? Just about EVERY vegetable grills great with Slap Ya Mama! Having a savory taste for broccoli, zucchini, or peppers can help even the most stubborn eater.

8. Want to keep the bugs away while you eat? If you throw some sage or juniper onto your warm grill or firepit, it can go a long way towards repelling those pesky mosquitos!

9. Be creative! Not every cookout needs to be the typical burgers and hot dogs. You can substitute with different meats: Lamb, chicken, venison, fish, all of these are great and healthy options! Your guests will remember your cookout and be more likely to come to your next one, especially when you open their eyes to something new!

10. Stay Safe! Keep the grill at least 10 feet away from your house. Keep a spray bottle on hand in case of a minor flare-up. The best part of this tip is that the water won’t harm your food, so your meal will be okay. Know where the nearest fire extinguisher is. Remember, a fire can double in size every minute!

Looking for grilling recipes, check out Slap Ya Mama’s Grilling Recipes To Get You Ready For Summer! Enjoy your summer, and whenever you think of spicing things up, you should think of Slap Ya Mama!