Anthony Bourdain and His Love For New Orleans

Jul 16, 2018 | Stories & More | 1 comment

Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain, the author and host of CNN’s “Parts Unknown” passed away on June 8th. People around the world mourned for him, however, Louisiana residents mourned maybe a little harder.

Anthony Bourdain is known for loving Louisiana. Throughout his career, as an author and television host, Bourdain returned frequently to the city. He stated “In America, there might be better gastronomic destinations than New Orleans, but there is no place more uniquely wonderful,” he said in a 2003 interview. “You can’t compare it to anything.”

In addition, Anthony Bourdain was a huge fan of Louisiana food from Boudin to Popeyes. As a culinary expert that’s travelled the world Bourdain knows what he’s talking about. For a great overall cultural food experience there is no place like New Orleans. It’s not just about the restaurants,  it’s the culture of food everywhere. Here are the restaurants that Anthony Bourdain has eaten or drank at:


- Tee-Eva’s

- Checkpoint Charlie’s

- The Harbor Restaurant

- Verti Marte

- Vaughan’s

- Ms. Mae’s

- Domilise’s

- Emeril’s

- Antoine’s

- Cafe Reconcile

- Jaques-Imo’s

- Vic’s Kangaroo Cafe

- Cochon

- Willie Mae’s Scotch House

- Miss Linda’s yakamein

- Nor-Joe’s

- Sazerac Bar in the Roosevelt

- The Kingpin

- New Orleans Original Daiquiris

- Taceaux Loceaux

- R&O’s

- Pho Tau Bay

- Snake & Jake’s

- Cochon

Here at Slap Ya Mama, we know that Louisiana is full of food culture and are not surprised that food critics around the world come here every year. We are saddened by the news of Anthony Bourdain’s sudden passing and appreciate all the kind words he had to say about New Orleans. If you have visited New Orleans and miss the authentic flavor, shop our spice blends here.


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1 Comment

  1. Sarah Lane

    It’s great to know that Bourdain loved the food here!


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