Jambalaya Cakes with Honey ‘Slapped’ Roasted Turkey Breast

37 Cooks Jambalaya Cakes Slap Ya Mama Challenge

By Holly of 37 Cooks When I first signed up for this challenge, I had absolutely no idea what to make. I was thinking breakfast of some kind, but Cajun-spiced? Jambalaya Mix? Pepper sauce? I really started to sweat it…literally! But an idea struck me after working at my son’s preschool one morning. They were… [Read More]

Crazy Cajun Sundaes


by Tracy of 37 Cooks Here is a spin on the famous BBQ Sundaes. I think you will love this version. You can mix and match glassware for presentation. If it is for a potluck, pile the ingredients in a trifle dish. For a more casual twist, serve them in clear plastic cups. There is… [Read More]

Mardi Gras Meatloaf with Mighty Mushroom Sauce


The folks at Slap Ya Mama really know how to make seasonings. All of their various seasoning mixes and blends combine to make the ultimate Cajun eating experience! For this recipe, Slap Ya Mama Gumbo mix and a confetti blend of peppers create a meatloaf just bursting with the fun flavors and colors of Mardi Gras. Slap Ya Mama… [Read More]